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Oracle MySQL DBA(100% job guarantee)

Course Contents

• Describing MySQL
• Currently Supported Operating Systems
• Describing Installation of MySQL
MySQL Architecture
• Client/Server Architecture
• MySQL Architecture Overview
• How MySQL Uses Disk Space
• How MySQL Uses Memory
The MySQL Server
• Types of MySQL Distributions
• Starting and Stopping MySQL on Linux
• Upgrading MySQL
• Managing Multiple instances in one Server
Configuring the MySQL Server
• MySQL Configuration
• Dynamic Server Variables
• Binary Logging

MySQL Clients
• Overview of Administrative Clients
• Using the mysql Client
• The mysql dmin Client
• MySQL Connectors
• Third-Party APIs
Overview of Data Types
• Data Types
• Numeric Data Types
• Character String Data Types
• Binary String Data Types
• Temporal Data Types
• Column Attributes
• Metadata Access Methods
• The INFORMATION_SCHEMA Database/Schema
• The mysqlshow Command
Storage Engines
• Storage Engine Overview
• MyISAM, InnoDB, and MEMORY Storage Engines
• Other Storage Engines
• Choosing Appropriate Storage Engines
• Using Multiple Storage Engines
• Storage Engine Comparison Chart
• Overview of Partitioning and reasons for using Partitioning
• Creating a Partitioned Table
• Obtaining Partition Information
• Modifying and Removing Partitions
• Partition Modification Performance Effects
• Partition Pruning
• Storage Engine Partition Information

Transactions and Locking
• Transactions
• Transaction Control statements
• Isolation Levels
• Locking
Security and User Management
• Security Risks
• Security Measures
• Privileges
• Access Levels
1 - User Accounts,
2 – Databases,
3 – Tables,
4 – Columns,
5 - Stored Routines
• User Account Maintenance
• Client Access Control
• Using Secure Connections
Table Maintenance
• Table Maintenance
• Client and Utility Programs for table maintenance
• Table Maintenance per Storage Engine
Exporting and Importing Data
• Exporting and Importing Data
• Exporting and Importing Data Using SQL
• Import Data with the SQL scripts
Programming with MySQL
• Defining, Executing and Examining Stored Routines
• Stored Routines and Execution Security
• Defining, Creating, and Deleting Triggers
• Trigger Restrictions and Privileges
• Defining Events
• Schedule Events
• DBA's Use of MySQL Programming
• Backup Stored Routines
• What is a view?
• Creating Views
• Managing Views
Backup and Recovery
• Planning for Recovery Backup
• Backup Tools Overview
• Making Raw Backups
• Making Logical (Text) Backups
• Backup Log and Status Files
• Replication as an Aid to Backup
• Backup Method Comparison
• Data Recovery

Introduction to Performance Tuning
• Using EXPLAIN to Analyze Queries
• General Table Optimizations
• Setting and Interpreting MySQL Server Variables
Introduction to High Availability
• MySQL Replication
• Master-slave Replication
• Master-Master Replication
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